Canadian Customs & Compliance


Your 'Encyclopedia of Trade Knowledge'.

科尔国际的海关咨询团队以将创造性的全球十大老品牌网赌与严格的海关合规相结合而闻名. 利用我们与加拿大边境服务局(CBSA)的良好关系,以及我们与审计师良好合作的诀窍, our style is collaborative, not antagonistic.

The processes and tools we've developed for our compliance practice are leading edge.

Trade Services

Unless you live and breathe customs all day long (like we do), 你不可能理解这个行业的所有复杂之处,也不应该理解. With Cole International in your corner, you'll benefit from our unparalleled expertise in the ever-changing, increasingly complex world of international trade. Think of us as your 'Encyclopedia of Trade Knowledge'.

HS Tariff Management

The world’s largest trading countries use The Harmonized System (HS) of tariff classification.  The service is offered to resident and non-resident customers.  Under this service, 我们的顾问将审查客户现有的HS关税分类,并准备一个经过充分研究和符合海关规定的数据库.  Tariff Relief -There are numerous relief programs that reduce or eliminate duty.  这项服务将作为一项单独的服务或与一般审计一起确定救济机会.  Furthermore, we will represent clients who have unique circumstances that are not covered by existing programs.NAFTA Sourcing & Record Keeping.


Customs Compliance Services

海关合规顾问的真正价值在于知识和努力——你的顾问了解多少,以及他们愿意为你付出多少努力. By combining unparalleled expertise with a tireless commitment to each customer, 科尔国际正努力成为世界十大赌城最新排名领域合规方面的首要供应商.

Compliance Management

随着对不遵守海关规定的行为实行货币处罚,贸易活动的环境发生了巨大变化.  Our consulting services group provides an array of compliance services including compliance reviews, systems reviews, HS databases, compliance seminars and training, profile management and customer-specific consultation.

Border Security Services

Cole International's consultants will help you navigate and negotiate the ever-changing, ever more complex border security issues that have become the norm since 9/11.

C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)

C-TPAT 是美国海关与企业建立合作关系以加强整体供应链和边境安全的联合倡议吗. Through this initiative, 海关要求企业确保其保安措施的完整性,并与供应链内的业务伙伴沟通其保安指引.


Cole使用由海关和贸易团体共同制定的C-TPAT安全指引,对供应链安全进行了全面的自我评估. These guidelines encompass areas of Procedural Security, Physical Security, Personnel Security, Education and Training, Access Controls, Manifest Procedures, and Conveyance Security.